Boutique Health & Fitness Studio
Hunters Hill



Applied Fitness is a boutique health and fitness studio located in Boronia Park, Hunters Hill. 

Established in 2020 by Exercise Physiologists, Applied Fitness raises the standard of Private Training and Rehabilitation by applying the principles of exercise science and physiology to your health & fitness goals. 



Applied Fitness is not your conventional gym. 


Applied Fitness is not a large commercial facility where you pay $11 per week and never show up.

Applied Fitness is not a franchised gym that gives the same programs to everyone, despite their goals.

Applied Fitness is not a training studio where you have to wait for the next 8 week challenge to see results.


We’re more than that.


At Applied Fitness we see your training through from start to finish.


We take care of your assessments, programming, goals, nutrition and rehabilitation all under the one roof.

We coach you every step of the way to achieve the results you set out to achieve.


Applied Fitness is based on Results-Focused Training. With a collaborative approach to setting goals, led by Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists, you will be given all the tools and knowledge to succeed - all you need to do is turn up.

Applied Fitness always has a positive energy, making it easier for you to show up each week and pursue your goals. Whether you want to be stronger, fitter, faster, lose weight, build muscle, rehab injuries, regain health or just feel happier about yourself, Applied Fitness has the space for you to do so.



We know what it takes for you to achieve the results you want,

so we have developed the game plan that makes it easy for you to do so.


1. Set the Standard

The first step we take at Applied Fitness is a thorough health & fitness assessment. This is strength and aerobic fitness testing PLUS lifestyle assessments including sleep & nutrition.


2. Raise the Bar

In this step, together we will create the finer details that will set you up to achieve the big goals including your training program, your daily habits & your nutrition plan.


3. Master the Process

This is where you show up to the gym and train, have regular accountability check-ins & work hard to smash your goals at your next re-assessment.

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